the hidden treasure of Tržič

Not all gems are those shinny and known ones. Many beautiful ones are hidden from people and need to be explored. We have a few of this kind and would like to help you discover them.


Protected as a cultural heritage the old city centre boasts beautiful refurbished traditional houses, telling the story about architecture from the previous century. One speciality is so-called firbc’ okn (“surveillance window”).


There are multiple exhibitions in the museum. From history of skiing in Tržič, exhibition about leather-craft and shoemaking in Tržič. You can as well visit the old Kurnik house, gain knowledge about the importance of Born family for the Tržič development and visit Ljubelj concentration camp where tragedies used to occur during WW2.


Dovžanova gorge is the gem of Tržič. It used to be flooded with see in palaeozoic and is and important site of fossils and minerals from palaeozoic. Apart from interesting remains of see-life and impacts from different eras, there are also layers showing the orogeneze progression nicely visible. At the entrance to the gorge, there is an Info point, where you will gain all information needed. 


Stegovnik waterfall is a hidden gem at the end of Jelendol valley. The biggest flow is in the spring and in autumn after more severe storms. The water falls 15 meters deep and makes a curtain 6 meters wide. You can access it driving to Medvodje, than walking some hundred meters from there.


Šentan mercury mine is located 9 km north from Tržič in Podljubelj valley. The cave sistem is in perfect condition and counts 5 km in tunnel range. Entrance is possible with organized groups or with prior arangment with TIC Tržič. The history goes back as fas as 16 century.