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Igor, Martina and three boys Marko, Matej and Jan

Igor, Martina and their sons Marko, Matej and Jan have been running Farm Storman from 2008. The family moved from living in an apartment to the countryside to start a different way of living.

Igor is the 8th generation of Zupan Family who have run the farm within the last 500 years and Martina is from a family with 6 kids, who run the traditional farm in town Kranj.

The family decided to run the farm a little bit different as a traditional farm in the village Lom. Bringing asparagus to this region in 2009, apartments in 2012 and sheep in 2013, this offered the family a new approach to work and as well enjoying life in the countryside. Home  made food is for as essential.

We are all working hard to develop the farm in the way to keep natural and traditional environment for healthy living.