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farm can be paradise for your kids

For children

We also have 3 kids and we are aware that kids need to be active all the time. We need to raise their interest to run away from computer, tablets and phones.

That is a reason why we have some sports facilities around the house – ready for younger as older – as well as toys and small bikes and other small wheels devices. There is also a playground with trampoline available.

1 – 12 years old

Playground & Trampoline

The playground is the best fun for small children who want to climb and explore on their own without greatly worrying their parents about dangers.

Trampoline, on the other hand, is suitable best for a bit older children ready to bounce all day long.

The use of the playground and trampoline is at your own risk!

3 – 15 years old 

Toys & bikes

Another option for children is to ride bikes or scooters and also some small tractor-like vehicle powered by peddles. We have a large asphalt surface where they can ride those safely. We have bikes for small kids and for teens as well.

6 + years old

Sport facilities

And at last we also offer some sport surfaces so children can play football and this year we also added basketball ring at universal height so children of all ages can play just well. Tabel tennis could be a good solution for all of your family.

Animals on the farm

Observe the life of animals

You can have a look and feed some of the animals on the farm. From rabbits, chickens, Jezersko solčavska sheep to the traditional carniolica bee.

Farm is not a hotel,  but is a beautifull place to have a close look how is living close to the nature. 

The use of the playground and trampoline is at your own risk!

Beautifull walks

Alpine pasture and animals

Our farm is surrounded with beautifull landscape, mountains and many alpine pasture where farmers are keeping animals during the summer. You will meet animals like cows, horses, dunkeys,..   and try  home made food and many different milk products. 

We recommend you to visit pasture Kofce, Dolga njiva and Korošica.

Short walks close to the farm

From george to the pool

Just a short distance from our farm you find Jelendol valley and beuatifull Dolžanova george. It is one of the most beautifull georges in Slovenia and offers estonic views, geological history and differet walks near the river and river cascades.

If you are brave just put the feed in the cold watter or you move to the town pool and enjoy swimming in the afternoon.