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they make us what we are

Visiting the Farm Storman you will meet sheeps walking around the farm, chickens, rabbit, bees flying around and picking honey and dog Ajka watching for the house.

We are proud to grow our autochthonous Slovene Jezersko Solčava sheep breed. Sheep are very good adopted for the steepness of the mountainous pastures, having very good wool and quality meat. Our sheep are beautiful; the majority of them are white, some come in dark brown. They are characteristic for their »spectacles« or »tear-drops« around their eyes. The Jezersko-Solčava sheep breed is part of the Slovenian natural and cultural heritage. We are glad to be able to protect and preserve it.

We run as well traditional autochthonous Carniolan bee. It is known for its calm character, stillness on the honeycomb, good orientation, and utilization of forest forage. Since we are working with old traditional methods our honey is very delicious and healthy.