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we care  about nature

We learned how to live with nature — use fewer resources of artificial make and rather reuse what nature has provided to us — that being rainwater, wood, solar energy, eco gardening and so on. We are proud of moving towards selft-suficency and being sustainable to help fight the global warming.

We think and live green.

reuse of rainwater 

Watter we gain from the roofs we re-use for garden wattering. Therfore we set up watter collecting system around the farm to have watter close the the vegetables.

 Home made vegetables are the best. Fresh, very tasty and avaliable 24 h per day..

reuse of low-quality wood 

Wood chips is made out of low quality or waste wood from our forest. We collect the wood for one year to get dry and than mill it to the chips. We use high tech stove KWB that convert wood to energy wity make 95% efficiancy.  We use wood energy for house heating and watter heating.

home solar energy


The solar electrical micro plant is our latest investment. With this investment we joined renewal of historical wooden hey with modern high tech integrated solar roofing system. We plan to produce 9 MwH of energy to cover all electricity needs of our farm.

waste water managment 

All waste water form house is collected in home waste cleaning device that convert waste water to 99% clean water. We use modern technology SBR. Works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to send only clean water back to envorioment.

fresh vegetables 365 days 

Home made gardening. Bio fresh vegetable 365 days per year.  Cool.  From seeds to the salat, all home made.


E-car charging station

Outside power station for charging electrical cars  with capacity 11 kW is avaliable for our guests on demand.