we care about nature


We learned how to live with nature — use fewer resources of artificial make and rather reuse what nature has provided to us — that being rainwater, wood, solar energy and so on. We are proud of moving towards selft-sufiicency and being sustainable to help fight the global warming.

reuse of rainwater 

We have “gardens” all around the farm and as there are so many surfaces that need to be watered we built up a slef-watering system that have to be powered by water. At first we used tap water but in a glance of sustainability it is more eco-friendly to reuse the rainwater that can be collected from all the roof surfaces we have. So we set up platforms with barrels that are collecting rainwater that is reused to produce domestic vegetables.

reuse of low-quality wood 

Not only our farm is surrounded by forests, we are also owners of few more forest surfaces outside the farmland. Due to that we have lot of wood collected every year that can be used as the fuel for heating. We mill this wood into tiny wood particles that makes us and you warm during residence on our farm.

catch the sun

The solar plant is our newest acquisition on the farm. We planned it for many years and in 2020 it became a reality. Along with rebuilding the old hay house we adopted 30 solar panels that are producing electricity making us self-sufficent in terms of electricity consumption.

recycling faeces

We also care for nature in a way of recycling the faeces using processes in special cleaning unit that coverts them into clean water that can be then disposed into the surroundings without damaging the nature.