what to do

Beautiful nature by walking distance

You do not have to drive away from our apartments to enjoy the beautiful nature. We were gifted by beautiful landscape marks that are just “a foot” away.

Tip Nº 1


 2-4 h walking time

 Natural monument Dovžanova gorge is on the way to beautiful Jelendon valley. You can go there by car  (3km) or just take a walk from the farm through hidden forest paths (ask Igor or Martina for direction).

 Dovžanova gorge is known on natural beauty, geological history and local life history.

 You can find different round trips or you can continue up to the small village Dolina and take a look of geological exhibition in the old local school.


During the summer there are free guided tours.


 On the way: Born stone tunnel, water cascades of clean water, geological column,  Small village Jame, ferata


Tip Nº 2


1 h walking time

Short walk directly from the farm. Explore low part of the Lom valley and see the beauty of the nature and mountain view of peak Storžič. You start from the farm and turn uphill near the small chapell, just following the sign Tič. You pass farms Kušter and Špan. On the top part of the trail you round farm Hariž where you can stop for a drink or appoint for the lunch or dinner. You return walking near the main road that pass center of the village and famous old church Saint Katarina.

On the way: Church Saint Katarina, Old part of the village, farms on your way